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Hilux side steps - Choosing the right side step
Hilux side steps are necessary accessories for vehicle owners which not only add style but also adds functionality to vehicles. Hilux side steps make it easier to get in and out of large vehicles. With the wide range of design and style available in the market, the buyer can add different visual accents to their vehicle.There are mainly three different types of side steps which can be added to your vehicle viz. Nerf bars, side steps and running boards. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you must choose the most appropriate Hilux side steps for your vehicle. This approach helps in..
Nudge bar - Enhanced aesthetic appeal
A nudge bar is manufactured in both steel and aluminium variants to suit a wide range of compact and medium sized vehicles. Extremely essential for a four-wheel drive vehicle, the nudge bar must be fully airbag compatible and must provide enhanced frontal protection. Not only that, the nudge bar also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, thereby enhancing its resale value as well.A nudge bar also adds functionality to your vehicle by serving as an ideal platform for mounting accessories such as CB antennas and driving lights. With mostly a bar surface thickness of 5mm, a mounting plat..
There are many vehicle owners who use universal light mounting systems along with Amarok nudge bar. However, one must also be aware of the license plate visibility rules to ensure that the installed Amarok nudge bar doesn't flout any legal requirement. There are forward license plate mounting systems which displays the license plate in accordance with all states legal requirements.Legally, the characters on the number plate must be visible from 20 metres away at any point within an arc of 45 degrees. The license plate must be upright, horizontal and shouldn't be more than 1.3 m above the groun..
Improved Safety and Functionality: Sidestep accessories have a myriad of advantages. They enhance the value and look of your vehicle, add functionality for safe entry and provide protection to your vehicle against elements.Safe entry: Sidesteps can make getting into your tall vehicle a cakewalk especially for elderly and children.Customisation: State-of-the-art Hilux side steps available at Bosscoauto can be easily customised to suit the colour and style of your vehicle. As they are made of durable material, you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time. Moreover, these accessorie..