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Hilux side steps offer great value and features which are so important for trucks and SUVs which have gone taller. The side steps offer a stable extra boost for your vehicle. They also allow safe stepping in and out in any weather.  A variety of shapes and styles are available for Hilux side steps. They are typically built with thick wall steel tubing to ensure greater strength and durability. For a smooth and tough appearance, there are different finish choices with Hilux side steps. The side steps offer incredible weight capacity which is further strengthened with an aluminium support f..
There are majorly three different types of bull bars such as aluminium, steel and plastic. It is important to choose the right type of JK bull bar for your vehicle. Steel bars are considered the heaviest, however they are also the strongest. Aluminium bull bars are light weighted but they aren't as strong as the steel ones. Plastic bars tend to bend in the event of a collision, however they also pop back into position.  In countries where collision with wild animals is quite common, use of JK bull bar is recommended. The primary reason for using JK bull bar is to protect your vehicle from..
The nudge bar provides key protection to your vehicle and passengers. They are generally the good looking rigid frames which are attached to the front of your vehicle and typically made of steel or aluminium tubes. In order to be sure that the nudge bar meets the Australian Design rules, one must ensure that the nudge bar doesn't obstruct the visibility of the headlights and indicators.  The nudge bar must also be compatible with the air bag system. Simply put, there shouldn't be any reason which makes the installation of nudge bar more dangerous for the driver or, restricts the vehicle f..
Hundreds of Australians purchase new cars each day. For some people, these cars will be the first vehicles that they own. In other cases, the buyers might be augmenting the number of vehicles they possess or replacing an older vehicle with a new one. In either scenario, the benefits of having a car of your own are manifold. This is regardless of whether the vehicle features Hilux side steps or other accessories. Some people might feel that owning a vehicle invariably means additional expenses. This is especially so because you will need to keep refuelling the vehicle and getting it serviced re..